Regulatory Exemptions

Under the federal securities laws, any offer or sale of a security must either be registered with the SEC or meet an exemption.

Raise Types and the Subscription Process

The raise type describes the legal framework the funds are raised under. Regulatory restrictions and concerns often fall into a few general categories related to marketing and investor qualification, and the platform has adjustable settings to manage each.

Regulatory Concern Platform Setting
Marketing Restrictions
Promotion of the offering is limited
Offer is hidden in search results during the promotion stages.
Suitability Restrictions
Offering must suitable to each investor
A suitability questionaire is included and investors are invited to single offers or into investor groups.
Investment Amount Restrictions
Limits on how much an investor may contribute and/or the total number of investors
Handled by validation on the subscription forms and alerts during the review process.
Qualification Restrictions
Investors must indicate that they satisfy certain conditions
Customizable forms during registration or the subscription process allow investors to describe their background.
Verification of Qualification
Investor qualification must be verified
Customizable forms that integrate with verification services are included in the final subscription process.

Other Raise Types

Many other raise types and custom situations are supported as well! Even if our escrow services are unable to meet your needs, the funds can be raised off-platform and tracked on-platform. Additionally, the platform has advanced permissions and data collection controls that are configureable to a wide array of situations. Please contact to discuss.